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Thread: Placing gps mouse .....

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    Placing gps mouse .....

    Hi guys,
    If it seems like a stupid question well it is I am a newbie so don't blame me.
    As I'm trying to get all the information needed to configer my carpc, I allready searched some items but not really what I'm looking for.
    So what is the best place to locate your gps mouse (and is it a good idea to use a gps mouse or not). I was thinking to get it under my roof and above the ceiling so in between so it won't be visual.
    Is it also possible to extend the cable / usb cable are might this have an effect on the lock of the gps.
    Thx in advance all tips and help are welcome

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    My GPS mouse (BU330 from ebay - Hong Kong) works awesome, I highly recommend it. I never need to wait for it to lock.

    I bought a USB extension cable (6'). Not sure if you may have a problem longer than that.

    I don't think it works well under metal. I have mine in hidden on the front dash (where the tweeter goes. It's hard to notice unless you're looking for it. I haven't tried with the plastic cover (I will soon). I heard some people have put it in their glove boxes and lost a few satellites but it works. Some people have problems unless its literally on their roof.

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    The length of the cable has no effect on the gps signal. Just don't exceed the length according to the usb or serial specs.

    For mounting, just pick the point on your car that has the best view of the sky, is not covered by too much metal, and meets your needs as far as visibility/security. If it doesn't work in one place, try somewhere else. This is not rocket science and has been covered many times here.

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    I have a 99 Buick Regal. I took my dash off and put my GPS Mouse up far under the dash so that it had good exposure to the sky (long windshield). A great feature of the GPS Mouse is that it has a magnet, so I was able to just set it on a metal crossbeam and it is solid. It works great, acquires quicker then I imagined possible, and has been just super in every way. Between your ceiling and roof might not be good, the metal will severely impact the weak navstar signal from reaching your device.

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    thx I guess that I would have to look and find a place to put it unde rmy dash
    AAAah well seems like fun totry and try and try untill you reach the solution

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