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Thread: My DeLorme Earthmate won't work:/

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    My DeLorme Earthmate won't work:/

    I have a DeLorme Earthmate with their Street Atlas USA software and it won't get a good position on where I am. I haven't tried this out before because i didn't have a good way to until i finally put the computer in my car. i have a 98 accord coupe EX and i have tried to put it where the sunroof is but i still don't get a signal. it's a cloudy day, does that effect it at all?

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    1. did you install the drivers for the earthmate?
    2. do you have a virtual com port for the earthmate?
    3. are you in a highrise area or high trees area?
    4. does it detect any birds at all? it requires 4 to get a link.

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    1. i installed what the CD asked me to install, are there other drivers?
    2. the COM port i am using is coming straight off the computer's mother board
    3. no i'm not, i have no trees above me at all
    4. how do i tell if it has detected any? it just told me that after 3 minutes it couldn't get my position. the batteries are alright, i believe. is there any way to test if the GPS itself is working?

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    1. Get double sided scotch tape.
    2. Find your refrigerator.
    3. Grab a magnet from the refrigerator.
    4. Tape magnet underneath Delorme GPS.
    5. Insta-Lock. 100%.

    I use it... It's great.
    Also, keep the GPS towards the front of the car (front dash).

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    haha at 1st i thought you were just being dumb:P i will try keeping it up towards the front, i just figured the sunroof option would be really nice, but front isn't too much of a problem

    Thanks for the info, i will try this out tomorrow morning

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    I also notice that taking the unit out of the yellow plastic cover speeds up the lock as well. But this is not an option for most though.

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