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Thread: Buying a GPS "mouse"/other cheap unit

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    Buying a GPS "mouse"/other cheap unit

    Does anyone know a place other than Ebay I can get one of these that has a trustworthy reputation? I don't use Ebay. Ick.

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    Over 100 transactions, no problems yet. Odd phobia, the trick is not to buy a $50,000+ item.

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    If you want it cheap, ebay is the place to get it. I won mine for $41 + shipping and got it in one week from Hong Kong.

    But, if you want to take a chance, you can buy it here for $74.95 :
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    Just purchased my GPS Mouse from ebay last week... got here today from HongKong.

    I'll have to see if it works in the mornin'

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    relidl, i just ordered my BU-303 last night from a gent named gditech. He's already shipped it and sent me the tracking number. I'm really pumped about getting this thing. I'll also have info about my experiences with it up as soon as i get it.

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    Mine works just fine. It just took a really long time for me to get it from an ebay seller.
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