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Thread: What's the best GPS software? W/ Touchscreen?

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    I use CoPilot 2003.

    Buttons and text are large, so its easy to read and click with small touchscreens. Theres also an excellent on screen keyboard for input.

    When you first start up, theres a very simple interface to setup your destination and stops along the way. Its remembers your previous destination, so if you closed the app or turned off the carpc, you can quickly resume your trip. But its just as easy to make changes or pick a new destination.

    The driving view is pretty nice too. When the car is in motion, it switches to simple view showing the distance to the next turn, ETA to your destination, approaching street/intersections, and sometimes a basic thumbnail map. The large high contrast text make it very easy to see all the info you need at a quick glance. Its also gives you a verbal message before approaching the next turn. You also have quick access to a detour button if you want to avoid a road because of traffic or construction.

    In passenger mode view, you have access to the entire map. You can also see the trip route itinerary, make detours, options, etc. Its pretty touchscreen friendly here too.

    Theres also a trip planner mode. I haven't used it much yet. It has the traditional windows application layout, so it seems more a mouse and keyboard application.

    Overall, its got a very professional look and feel. But, its pretty pricey as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terran
    I'm a big fan of Routis 2004, but the buttons are a little small for a 7" screen. If Co-Pilot can improve their map accuracy and the ablity to have true 3-D moving maps, I would sway and select Co-Pilot over Routis/IGuidance. They have the best user friendly touch screen interface I've seen.

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