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Thread: pros and cons, help me pick

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    Talking pros and cons, help me pick

    so like everyone says, u should pick you own navigation. well i dont no where the hell to download them and i dont feel like buying all of them to find to find out which one i like the best, so how bout we play this new game. everybody list what software they use or used b4 and the pros and cons of that software. i am very interested in poi because i pretty much can ask how to get somewhere, but i never know what is close to me when i need something. also, it would be great if it had big buttons. well people help me pick whick software i want and the rest of the newbies. thanks alot

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    Hey man... sorry to do this to you, but iGuidance is my recommendation. You can search the board for LOTS of info on why this is the app of choice.
    I have used Microsoft Streets & Trips, Rand McNally Road Atlas, DeLorme Street Atlas and NOTHING compares to iGuidance!
    If you want someone to pick for you... there you have it... iGuidance.
    As for not wanting to pay... iGuidance is worth the $110 bucks!
    If you want to trust a stranger, get iGuidance!
    Get it here:

    ... On the not wanting to pay comment... I get what you mean now, yeah... there really isnt a good way to "demo" gps software. They whould have to give you everything and a "crack" would available to userpt what ever time limitation they implement. I still say spend the cash on iGuidance... its 1st class. Just my two cents!

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    I've used CoPilot for a brief time and for some reason can't get it to work anymore so I jumped to Routis. I've also used iGuidance 2.0 and it seems identical to Routis...same layout, menus, everything!!

    So my choice is Routis!
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    i am really interested in poi database. would u say iGuidance/routis has a good poi? which software would u say has the best poi ? thanks

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    I have used routis, iguidance, and copilot 2003. iguidance has better maps and poi then routis (it's basically an upgraded version) so go with iguidance if you go that route. Other then that I like copilot 2003 better because it is more touch screen friendly and it has far more poi, BUT the voice is really bad (sounds like a bad 80s computer voice) however I have heard that the newest version of copilot (copilot live 7) has a better voice, so I say buy copilot and get it through the mp3car store.
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