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Thread: GPS 303 software does nothing

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    GPS 303 software does nothing

    Just bought the 303 off ebay but the driver software doesn't seem to do anything! the screen shots in the manual show it giving speed info and satellites locked, mine doesn't at all

    I know the device works as autoroute and netstumbler both show it operating.

    Anyone else have the same symptoms


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    Have you selected the correct com port?
    Are you getting sat lock (red light flashing)?

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    yes I get sat lock, quite quickly as well

    the software that comes with it converts the USB to a com device, I had to disable the windows COM1 in order for the software driver to configure the USB conversion to COM1, sounds a bit wierd but I now only have 1 device running on COM1, the GPS mouse.

    Like I posted earlier, everything works except the software utility that comes with it, ordinarily it wouldn't be a big deal given that everything works, however, the software utility that comes with it allows me to switch on WAAS, which I would prefer to have on.

    Anyone else got this problem or is there another way of switching on WAAS?


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    Are you not able to check enable WAAS? Or is it that you are and it's not staying checked after you restart?

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    well something wierd happened over lunch, I went to install a USB webcam, which didn't work but nonetheless it completely knackered my GPS mouse.

    I re-enabled COM1 so windows could use it and then I uninstalled the whole thing, driver as well and re-installed it, everything works fine now and the GPS has defaulted to COM3 which is what I was expecting when I first installed it.

    Also used that GPS Gate com port totaly cool is that app, you just point it to your physical port, create a load of virtual ports and the assign all your GPS apps to the virtual ports, works straight out of the box with zero though required.

    Unusual but I am extremely happy with this little app, so much so I think I will buy it, sod Kazaa this guy deserves a bit of credit.


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