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Thread: Destinator 3 SDK features working

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    Destinator 3 SDK features working

    I am a bit confused about Destinator SDK 3.0(Alpha version)...

    Yes, I have searched the forum but the results are contradictive, some say you can use the 3.0 version SDK with 3.0 pda maps and some you can use some of it but it would be great if we could start to list what that can be done in thread, right?

    I have compiled the sample client and it asks for maps but I want to make sure that the basics work before rushing off to buy the 3.0 pda-maps. I would like to use Destinator because of the SDK support and the fact that my current GPS-software does not work good, slow and the GUI is not meant for touch-screen. I live in Europe so sadly the Routis/IGuidance is not an option.

    It would be good if you guys who have actually did try using the SDK 3 with pda 3.0 maps.
    So it would be great if you guys can confirm the below functionallity

    Can you use 3.0 maps with the SDK vers 3?

    Does routing work?
    -voice turn by turn prompts?
    -on screen routing instructions, how far until next turn etc.
    -address search, start and end?
    -selecting destination from map?


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    I got suckered into buying the pda version "the website advert actually said it would work on a desktop" and am currently using the maps with the D2 sdk, although the postcode wont work it will get you there using
    streetnames or map cursors around my part of the world and so has at least
    been used a few times to make my life easier.
    So i would love to know if the D3 SDK can do anything with these maps that the D2 SDK cant ?

    ne 1 want a vers of d3 or Tom Tom GB<<
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    I wrote a few programs with D2, but I'm reluctent to write anything with d3. I hated the d2 software and it didn't even come close to being as good as the software in my G35 is. That ****es me off. But than again, the G35 comes with a very expensive GPS system. But, I do believe I'm going to be looking for another solution in the SDK world. Destinator is just a big disapointment to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loscooby
    1) Can you use 3.0 maps with the SDK vers 3?

    2) Does routing work?
    3) -voice turn by turn prompts?
    4) -on screen routing instructions, how far until next turn etc.
    5) -address search, start and end?
    6) -selecting destination from map?
    7) -rerouting?
    1 - YES!
    2 - YES! (and it doesn't randomly say "kilometers" like D2 does)
    3 - YES! (same as in D2, in a little Info bar @ the top of the screen)
    4 - YES!
    5 - Not really, they "forgot" to design a useful search interface. There's just a button that grabs ALL the streetnames/suburbs from the Map data and then you have to scroll through them using a drop-down box thingy. Worst.Design.Ever
    6 - YES! (and you can select the starting point using the map too.)
    7 - YES! (seems to be faster than D2)

    The thing is, the sample code/program that comes with the version 3 SDK isn't complete, If someone could be bothered to write a new interface, it'd work great.

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    Look at the last 2 pages of destinator sdk3 for pc not comming or something along thoese lines.

    I asked someone if he could have a look at the SDK for destinator 3 as it uses c++ not visual basic like the sdk2.

    SDK 3 is good but you can't do much with it its to hard to search for something even on a desktop pc with a mouse and keyboard the sample program was made up quickly it seems and there is no poi list etc in the example.

    Read that topic for updates
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