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Thread: TMC server (The Netherlands)

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    TMC server (The Netherlands)


    Because I haven't seen a good USB TMC solution. I was wondering: Because the TMC Data and signal are free, generated by a computer transmitted via FM, isn't there any way to recieve the TMC signal directly from a server, without the need to pay offcourse. Radio stations are able to integrate data into a RDS feed, so are we able to somehow get the data, and not broadcast it over FM but IP.


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    Well I don't know partner, how do you get an IP on a moving car on the freeway? Better solution would be DBTV if there was a way..

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    DAB in the Netherlands hasn't got TMC. The moving part... I compromised by only using it when i was able tot get wireless connected. that is the second part, which I'm not realy worried about. Anyone tried the terractec PCI card with TMC? maybe I have to buy a risercard and one of those cinnergy pci cards.

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    Any belgiums know about tmc ? is it possible to use tmc in D3 and receive TMS signals of my radio card in mijn computer ? how does it work?

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    Well, I assume the distance between the location where all the traffic information is gathered and the radiostations (noordzeeFM etc) is fixed.
    I don't think the broadcasting of this pre-staged TMC signal is so strong that you are able to receive it everywhere and anywhere.

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