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Thread: Rikaline 6010 receiver

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyp111
    I have a Rayming T-200 and I also recently bought a Rikaline 6010 from ebay. I bought it mostly because it's water proof. I have noticed that it performs as well as the Rayming unit. I'm extremely impressed with the performance of both units. The 6010 I bought came with a ps2 connector and a USB adapter cable.
    are you using it mostly in the city and wooded areas? You know, areas where a normal gps wouldn't be able to lock onto a good signal. From my understanding the XTRAC had a major lag problem with perfect sky and XTRAC2 supposed to fixed that. I really wanted to buy the Rikaline, but afraid of this issue... Rikaline didn't seem to release a XTRAC2 version of a GPS mouse. They released one for BT and CF.

    How much did you pay for your Rikaline?

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    I use my Rikaline in mostly city areas.. I have absolutely no problems with this GPS. It locks fast and I usually never have less then 4 sats.

    Read my post above to get it for $60 if that dude still has them.
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    Nevermind what I said about xtrac. I just check on the auction and it is the original version, and not the x5 version. my posts does not apply to this version.

    sorry guys.

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    I just got my Rikaline 6010 yesturday and it works like a champ with iGuideance... Havn't tried it with any other software. Took about 5 seconds to lock onto 9 satellites once I fired up iGuideance. The updates were fast and seems to be very accurate.

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    I've had the 6010 for a few weeks now. It is behind my instrument cluster inside my dash. It locks on in about 2 seconds and hasn't cut out at all for me. It's a great unit so far.

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