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hrmmm, military gps.... it couldnt be that hard to crack could it?

I know a bit about it, and YES it can be pretty hard to crack. However back in the first gulf war anyone with a GPS noticed the error was turned off about 12 hours before the war started. (If you called they asked you to NOT SAY ANYTHING as a matter of national security) The USA didn't want their cryptos to end up in the wrong hands and get reverse engineered. They knew the USA was the only ones with GPS guided bombs, so they shut off the error for a week or so. Told the Army to leave the crypto gear at home as they would have accurate GPS when they needed it.

Yes I think in 2001 the error was reduced by about a factor of 10. Yes there are some better systems out there and differental GPS, but do you REALLY need that to find your way around town?

I believe the gov has until 2007 to do whatever it wants and can shut it down at any time they want to. Chances are they will NOT. After that I believe it will go into free public use and the gov cannot shut it off. I don't know the details of that, but I do know that FAA is NOT ready to move to 100% GPS based systems and keep backup systems in place at least for now.