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Thread: Travroute CoPilot.. still the best on the market?

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    Travroute CoPilot.. still the best on the market?

    Back in 2002 I was thinking about building a Car PC instead of ordering my lexus gs430 with the nav (glad I have it). Well I've got a truck to drive in the winter and I take it on trips so I thought I'd get some gps software/hardware since I always bring the laptop along and use it to play mp3's through the AUX on the aftermarket HU I bought.

    So is Travroute CoPilot (for PC/Laptop) still the best thing out there? Back in 2002 there was nothing that even came close.

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    i dont think you'll find a concensus today. i prefer iguidance/routis myself, some like destinator and others like copilot.

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