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Thread: WAAS Recievers

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    WAAS Recievers

    Any news on when/where (& how much) are there any Waas-enabled gps usb recievers (similar to the rikaline, but with waas)?
    Do they all output a data stream that can be dumped and post processed without too many issues? I'm going to be running my own mapping software in linux, so I just need the raw data... anyone know of any write-ups on the subject?
    Also, what are good spots to purchase them from?


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    My BU303 vs. Rikaline 6010 Review

    I am not sure if it is listed in there but the Rikaline 6010 is WAAS
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    Fast time-to-first-fix and low power consumption
    High performance SiRFstar IIe/LP chipset tracks up to 12 satellites in parallel
    Lithium cell sustains internal clock and memory (recharges during normal operation)
    Red LED power indicator blinks once a valid GPS fix is obtained
    Optimized for navigation in urban-canyon environments
    Automatic cold start with no user initialization required
    Compact design with integrated antenna/receiver
    Standard NMEA-0183 protocol (GPS-6010) or LX200 protocol (GPS-6010-LX)
    Built-in WAAS/EGNOS demodulator
    Water proof design for all weather
    One-year warranty (parts & labor)
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