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Thread: Serial GPS thinks it is a mouse..

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    Serial GPS thinks it is a mouse..

    I'm using an old RandMcnally serial NMEA gpsr and if I boot with it connected my laptop believes it is a mouse and the cursors goes ape**** racing around the screen clicking on icons...

    I don't have a bios setting to select only the internal pointer so I've been powering the GPSr after boot. Aside from installing a convient power switch can anyone reccomend a way around this?

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    you can try this i have the same problem .To work around this problem, allow the device to be detected incorrectly, use Device Manager to disable the device that is not the port to which the device is attached, and then reboot your computer. When you do this, the port works correctly and the incorrectly detected device is disabled.

    i got this info from;en-us;283063

    or do a search at for "Serial Device May Be Detected as a Serial Mouse in Windows xp"
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    Thanks that looks like it will fix my problem.

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