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Thread: which sat nav?

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    which sat nav?

    hi all, lookin to add gps to my car pc via usb and was wondering what my options are. i have not chosen any front end software yet but would like some
    thing that will work with whatever i use to play mp3s and cds. voice nav would be good but i would like it to talk over the music through the same speakers. can anybody suggest a decent price package that includes the map software (directions by post code would be nice) for the uk? thanks!

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    Go into GPS forum, read there....

    Your options in terms of GPS software are basically:

    Destinator 3 Frontend by NM - made for car by a user of the forums

    go into GPS forum and read...

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    Search ebay for the Seller "gps4evyone"

    This guy has USB GPSs that are very good quality and a GREAT price. (aprox $50)

    As far as software, I think he does offer some bundle packages, but not with the software that most of us carputer guys use. E.G. - Routis (my personal fav) iguidance or the others out there.

    Disclaimer I am in no way affiliated with the Ebay seller mentioned above - I only boguht my GPS from him
    2002 Suzuki Aerio Sedan ...NOT the stupid wagon

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