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Thread: Copilot 8 and 800x480

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    Copilot 8 and 800x480

    I have used 800x600 on my xenarc for a while, but I got a graphics card(PNY Geforce MX 4000) and now am using 800x480. The problem is I am using copilot 8 and the plan and quit buttons are cut off(top edge barely visible). Most menu windows are cut off also making it impossible to hit the OK or CANCLE buttons at the bottom. Aso, I wouldn't mind having the map bigger and the buttons smaller(square without the lable, just the icon).

    I tried to scale my display to a larger resolution and keep the same aspect(1000x600, 1200x720, 1600x800), but the display wouldn't recognize any of them(I know nothing about timings). I don't think it would be as clear as 800x480 anyways.

    I want to resize/skin the interface like what DodgeCummins was doing with copilot 7 here.
    But I am just a stupid construction worker and don't know much about such things. Is anyone else working on this problem, solved it or is interested in it?
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    try to do what people are doing for iGuidance. check out "resource hacker"
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