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Thread: GPS dropouts caused by xenarc?

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    possible fix

    It sounds crazy, but I saw this posted in another thread, and it worked for me and my lilliput problem. If you have the refresh rate set too high <75+>, try lowering it to 60khz. This fixed my problem entirely. I can now have the GPS receiver practically on top of the Lilli without a problem. Hope it works for ya.


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    Thanks, I'll try it although setting the Xenarc to less than 75hz causes the 800X600 to display improperly on the Epia-10000. I may have to fall back to 640X480 and try it.
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    tried that

    being a tech myself (not a car tech tho, lol) i tried this idea, but i noticed little or no difference in changing the refresh rates. dropping refresh to 60hz just made the screen a little less "sharp" looking, and not a whole lot else. The digitalww7vga model i have is defaulted to 60hz, so up the line i went, up to 72hz, cause 75hz wigs out the crappy vid card the laptop i was using has installed. now that i have a true PC (cause i have space in the rear of my car, and HATE slow comps, and cant afford a new lappy) i will re-try, but i doubt its going to help. Lucky for me, i have a sunroof, SO, when the weather is good, i stick the bu303 on the roof, when the weather is bad, it comes back in the car, much to my groans and moans, even tho i have waterproofed it, i just dont like it being out there, although i have left it on the roof during a storm a couple of times, and its worked just fine (after waterproofing, different story tho, sorry for my waffle).

    anyways, it didnt help on carpc version 1, i will try with version 2...

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    I had the same thing with my bu-303 and lilliput. You need to change the clock on the screen itself. Mine is like a total jammer when screen clock is around defult 50-52. It's also at it's sharpest. I have a full PC and board with NForce chip. The drivers have a option for auto tune and auto gain for LCD's where they display this pattern and you run auto's on the screen. Well that's where they were put and that's where they create GPS blackout zone inside my car. Outside(roof) will work, because the car is a shielde. Put it outside the window but still in sight of the screen and it will not work. But when i move the clock just past 55 i get 4 sats, past 57, i get 5 locks. My PC refresh rate is 85Hz, found to have least interference in the screen that way. Now i know why. It jams everything else around it. By using phase setting, i think the clock can be compensated, just a little part of the screen will be "off-screen", but hey it works.

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    has anybody else seen a better solution? perhaps a way to shield the GPS antenna and USB wire?

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