But here it is, through quite a few issues, I would like to tell all how I have finally come to be a happy car PC owner. I just want to tell everyone that may be still in the purchasing/planning phase of their CarPC:

Lesson #1. Don't buy an earthmate
Maybe it's great if you are out and about navigating your camping trips, but it really sucks in the car. The biggest issues is that it doesn't work when you come out of hibernate, which 90% of us will run into that issue. Secondly, Street Atlas REALLY sucks. I would venture to say that it's nearly impossible to use in driving conditions. I mean it's possible, but if you avoid a wreck consider yourself lucky. Installation of drivers for it to work with other programs is always hit or miss, sometimes it shows up as a Human Interface Device, sometimes unknown USB device, sometimes not at all.

So how did I finally fix my frustration? Well a piece around the clasp of my earthmate cables came loose and a couple came un-soldered, so that was enough for me to give up and get another one. So after doing quite a bit of research here, I went with a HOLUX off ebay (50 bucks shipped), and got the Destinator front end from Ninja Monkey, as I have been using frodoplayer faithfully for a while now.

Suffice to say, this setup is so INCREDIBLE. Touchscreen friendly. 3D View. Snap-to-road GPS tracking. Favorite locations. Street Atlas and Streets and Trips (which I tried to use before) had NONE of this.

So anyway, just throwing in my advice. Save the money and get the Holux or the other ebay one, acquire the Destinator maps, and you will not be let down.