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Thread: Rikaline 6010 GPS or Holux 210

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    Rikaline 6010 GPS or Holux 210

    hello all...

    please help newbie choose between the two.. i order the holux 210 but they didnt have it in stock and they offer me the Rikaline 6010 for the same price . they say it better and cost more than the holux 210. should i wait for the holux or go ahead with the offer...

    any reply is greatly thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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    I can't speak to the Holux, but I bought the Rikaline off eBay a couple weeks ago. It works great - it does everything I need it to and nothing I don't, all for a very reasonable $50.
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    I, too, can't speak for the Holux, but my Rikaline I got off eBay also work perfectly. Highly recomended for the price.

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