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Thread: Streets & Trips GPS Functionality?

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    Streets & Trips GPS Functionality?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried out Streets & Trip's GPS/Navigation Functionality at all and can give an idea on the performance of it. reason i ask is because thanks to my mom's job (she's a bus driver and needs to do her own routes) she uses streets and trips and usually gets the newest version every year. right now weve got 2005 and i noticed its got navigation functionality built in, but with no gps hardware, its hard to test.

    edit: lol. nvm. guess i didnt search hard enough (hypocrit ). apparently its not a very good peice of navigation software. oh well.
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    It's okay but you have to start the GPS manually every time and the map colors are difficult to see in bright sunlight and they can't be adjusted.

    As you noted, there are better products out there.
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    I use it - I got the 2004 ver - it sucks for incar use - but its got to
    be the best I have found at finding street level places - a few of my
    truck driver friends use it because of that - but using it for GPS is
    a pain - its just a good map only software

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    That's a pretty accurate description, I ran it over the weekend, drove about 400 miles. If you set it up proper when you start it's ok for giving you accurate information about your surroundings, it gives you speed and direction. But if you want anything more its a hassle to get through the menus and whatnot with a touchscreen while you're driving.


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