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Thread: posible after market gps reciever with garmen software

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    Here's a posting from the author himself. Read to find out more about this s/w and its features. You can also post your questions here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edikp
    @SnyperBob: Hopefully patience is your virtue since it took him one year to revisit this project.
    its my virtue lol
    91' ford thunderchicken
    pc in the worx gotta do some more research

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    Quote Originally Posted by RS200Z View Post
    Yes, it can be done. You will need this great utility called GPSProxyPC which translate NMEA into Garmin compatible commands and response.

    There are 2 versions. One for PPC (PDAs) and the other is the PC version.
    I got nRoute running on my PC with a SiRF Star III GPS.
    I tried this, but the GPSProxy program requires Active Sync wich is not compatible with win 7 and the "update" to Active Sync (Windows Mobile Device Center) does nothing to help with the issue.

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