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Thread: few gps questions

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    few gps questions

    yes i've searched, but not enough apparently.. anyways, i need a gps for my new job asap, i was gona buy one anyways for my incomplete car pc in the near future.

    1. which gps is relaible and acurate, and recommended for under $100? i've been looking over eBay at rikaline, altina, and others that are cheap, do these all have the same chipset and basicly the same thing?

    2. is one interface faster/more acurate/ better then another (usb/serial etc.)?

    3. does having the gps mouse inside your car cause poor signal/performance? i see some of you have gps with extrernal antennas and some gps are waterproof, im guessing to mount outside of the vehicle.

    4. free software - does it suck? is it worth paying for MS s&t or other?

    5. i've heard onstar uses a motorola gps and it can be rewired for use with a pc, im asking because i have a friend at a salvage yard and i might be able to get hold of a onstar gps cheap.

    i will be using the gps with a laptop for now for work and maybe netstumbler, but it will be used with my car pc when i ever get a car worth putting it in. Im not one to ever go out and just buy some **** without researching, but im kinda confused on which gps reciever to get. thanks for any help, i'll keep searching meanwhile.

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    1. Search for BU-303 and Rikaline GPS receivers in this forum there is plenty of feedback on these 2 receivers. I have the BU-303 ~$60 on eBay.
    2. As far as accuracy most civilian GPS receivers have about the same accuracy, there are some higher end ones (DGPS) that offer slightly better performance.
    3. GPS works best if the receiver has a good "view" of the sky, but many here have had great success with mounting them inside and even under the dash. Mine even locks many times inside my house.
    4. Spend a couple bucks and get decent software, most will say iGuidance or Destinator here. The free programs don't usually include turn by turn directions.
    5. Some people have tapped into the OnStar's GPS reciever, I believe it works similar to a serial port, but you have to be able to get the NMEA data from it. It has been done though.
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    thanks for the info.

    i was lookin at these:

    altina w/software - $85

    rikaline 6010 / ebay

    holux GM-210 / ebay

    any opinions on these?

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