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Thread: gps in a shark fin

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    Quote Originally Posted by MC_Stoo
    I've got a UK-based fabricator working on this at the moment.

    Watch this space...
    BU303 stripped naked to fit in here.

    Fin needs painting yet but I'm quite pleased with the result

    A calm approach in a troubled world...

    CONSOLE_RR Project in progress...
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    looks nice! alternatively, I was thinking that one might be able to put the gps in the sideview mirror housing, behind the mirror, if there was enough room..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris31
    Lol, I remember my sisters car.

    My sister once had a 205. Everytime it rains she have to move her head on the side away from the rain drips comming from the sunroof.

    Put it up for sale. One guy a mechanic presumably with his GF checked out the car. Jacked up the car, look for every single fault, turn the car inside out and all.

    He said the car is in very good condition, was very happy, think its a bargain and is going for it.

    One thing he missed was the leaking roof. It was hot and sunny at that time
    My 02 Jetta used to do that too. It was ultimately the reasone I got rid of it. It flooded the whole car and it never dried properly. I couldn't live with the mildew stench.

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    so... first post !!! hello to all !!

    my problem was that i couldn't use a bmw fin on my mercedes (w202 c280) --> you can't mount bmw parts on a benz --> even if it looks good.....

    my solution to the "i want a shark fin gps" problem is a hirschmann antenna !!

    GPS 925

    Iv'e modded my Bu-303 and added an mcx connector (hm.... i think there is a how-to here in the forum )

    Before: 5-8 Sats
    After: 10-11 Sats

    If you are not so happy with modding your Bu-303 or any other gps mouse , you could use a garmin 15 l/H --> has already an mcx connector (the is also a very good guide on the forum)

    greetings from austria

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    Looks good MC_Stoo, even better in real life though as we saw on Friday. My GPS is now working again, stripped it down fully, cleaned it and fitted a new batt, finds locks perfectly, just wish I could and some kind of antenna to it to mount on the roof, may have to wait to find a decent looking shark fin but it may look stupid on the Pug.

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    hey mc_stoo, how did you get that fin? is it available for purchase somewhere?

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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