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Thread: iGuidance 2.1 Review,Info - ETA [3/21]

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    Quote Originally Posted by hd54321
    Welcome to the internet. Don't take this as an insult, but it sounds like you've never dealt with a smaller 'boutique' software company before. This is relatively standard in this business. Those who 'upgrade' are basically receiving a full-blown version of the application with updated maps. There are MANY people out there who would love to scam the company and only pay $14 for this since they know they will receive the complete software package. iNav is just trying to find the best in-between to not ****-off current customers and to thwart thieves.

    iNav licenses the maps from Navtech and I would assume they pay a hefty price for the mapping data. They are essentially offering you a free update to the mapping data (something that you will NOT receive from other GPS software companies) in addition to a code update.

    Could they make an authentication program that would authenticate each copy over the internet with their backend servers? Sure, but that would cost way more $ for them to implement rather than the current archaic scheme.

    On a final note, again don't take this as an insult, but you've probably never sent in an Upgrade rebate on a piece of software. It usually requires that you MAIL in a proof of the older software you are upgrading from. This can include a copy of the first page of the manual, a copy of the program CD or some other hard evidence that you used to own a legitimate copy of the software.

    Actually, they are only offering a free upgrad WITH the maps to customers who have purchased iGuidance in the last 2 months. Otherwise you get the updated version WITHOUT the maps for $14. So, no money out of their pocket if you get the update WITHOUT the maps. I agree that $14 is a bit high. I can understand the cost of shipping + cd's. So maybe $5-$7 would be a more fair price.

    You cannot recieve the update (without maps) if you didnt buy iGuidance. Period. You have to provide them with so much info, it would be impossible otherwise. You even stated so in the last paragraph of your post. So your thievery theory is wrong. They are simply overcharging "because they can."

    If you want the updates with the maps you have to pay full price (or upgrade price) if you didnt purchase iGuidance within the last 2 months.

    Some sort of internet registration/authentication on their website to be able to download updates and content would probably be worth while for iNav. If they expect to stay in business in this day and age, they will have to implement it. I understand that it will cost more money and time to develope, but that's just the price of business. If they **** off enough customers, they will eventually go under. Which personally, I would hate to see since their software is so good.

    Back on track: All in all, I look forward to iGuidance 2.1, but iNav needs to change some of their company policies, or they won't be around for long.

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