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Thread: GPS poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by EsKALad
    i use iguidance and i really like it...using the bu 303 usb on the dash in the corner of the dash with good signal...if everyone likes iguidance so much why isnt any of the front ends come integrated with it? like how media engine is doing with destinator..? maybe im just slow lol
    iGuidance doesn't have an SDK

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    I have used SA and CP. I have S&T 2005 also but have not been motivated to play with it. I liked some things in SA2003+ like the dvd phonebook and the mobil map colors(black background with white roads) custom poi icons and how easiy it was to just pick a point on the map as a destination. The interface and guidance was terrible. I now use CoPilot 8 which is much better for touchscreens and guidance.
    I have used the new earthmate, holux gm-210 and the rikaline 6010(shipps with CP). The earthmate was just terrible, trees were a problem, hard time locking and almost imposible going over 50mph, . The holux was great, no problems. the rikaline was just as good.
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    Is that Royaltek Sapphire GPS mouse receiver that comes with iGuidance any good? Or should I get a diffrent mouse?

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    I've used earthmate (old serial and newer USB) and deluo gps units. I prefer the deluo a great deal due to the magnet. Let's me stick it on the roof when I'm having trouble getting a signal on my dash. The old serial earthmate (which I'm sure noone uses still) sucked due to proprietary format. The newer usb (actually went through two) was pretty good. First one was stolen thanks to the bright yellow, second one had the wires go loose I think, didn't bother troubleshooting it much cause it was USB. Went to serial just because there's not the USB driver issue. Although the serial deluo requires a fix to keep windows from thinking the gps is sending mouse signals, causing the cursor to jump all over the place. Quick and easy fix though.

    Software wise:
    Using MapMonkey/D3/(whatever it's called) now because of the integration with frodoplayer, automatic rerouting, and voice prompts and flash of streets and turns coming up. Lack of data kind of sucks. I've had quite a few address that I can't find and end up just manually picking a point I know is close to my destination.

    Streets and Trips is good as far as info on business, gas stations, restaurants, etc. Street Atlas annoys the hell out of me. Way too much on one screen for in-car usage.
    Used Mappoint integrated with MediaCar before I switched to Frodo, did well, but I ached for automatic rerouting.
    Umm.. what else...
    Also tried out ExpertGPS for awhile. Very very cool to see an aerial photo version of a map as you drive along. Not very useful, but definitely gives a good "wow" factor to passengers. Wish there was an easy way to download all the maps in one fell swoop for an area though. I did it manually and it took forever just to get a few mile radius from my place.

    If I had to buy a new gps and had the $$$ I'd go for a bluetooth one, just to get rid of the wire running across my dash. But other than that the simple cheap deluo is great in my opinion. Real easy to tell when it has a signal or not too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Animepix
    Is that Royaltek Sapphire GPS mouse receiver that comes with iGuidance any good? Or should I get a diffrent mouse?
    See my post above. I like mine.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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