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Thread: iguidance problem <help>

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    iguidance problem <help>

    ok guys when i install iguidance and go to gr8 my map i keep getting this error "iNav iGuidance Map Loader "Internal error line 4459 please contact technical suppoert"

    Basiclly i tried to install it in a diffrent PC(emachines) and it works just fine, but when i try to install it in my carpc (compaq ipq) i get this error.!!!!

    anyone could help me plz
    HOnda Accord '94

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    Got the fix for it

    Well after searching for 7 hours i found the fix.

    simply some CD/DVD ROM drive are not compatable. and all what you need to do is make a copy of CD1 or copy the dir CD1 to your HDD and install it and it work like a charm.....
    HOnda Accord '94

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