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Thread: need some advice (gps)

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    need some advice (gps)

    first off since this is my first post and my first carpc i will introduce myself.
    im lostark374 just turned 31 years of age been a computer dude for a few years now. main reason im building this carputer is for gps/navigation. this will be going in my 2002 ford f150 supercrew. any input i can get will be greatly appreciated.
    my system will consist of the following:
    BCM MX266 Mini-ITX Board
    5 GIG micro drive (os and apps)
    512megs pc2100
    soundblaster 5.1
    160 GIG sata external (music/vids)
    hauppage pvr 150mce (fm/tv)
    unknown dvd-rw slotload slim

    as i have not listed a few needed pieces to this system is where my questions come into this post but since this is the gps section i'll ask those questions here.
    what mapping software do you recommend and what gps antena?
    im planning on running one of the windows variants so that will also come into play with the hardware thats being used.

    questons, comments, advice are greatly appreciated.
    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum my friend

    I would go with a BU-303 USB gps these are standard among the mp3car community and are a pretty good price.

    For software i would reccomend Destinator 3/Map Monkey

    check in the software forum then the sub forum support software then you will see the Map Monkey forum

    Also i reccomend u check out Freedrive its the same as map monkey basiclly but the GUI is totally different
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