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Thread: Destinator add POIs in POI not Fav

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    Question Destinator add POIs in POI not Fav

    Hi @ all

    I have a question. How can I add POIs in the POI menu?
    In the map folder is a file with called WCE_A.POI. When i open this file with a texteditor, i can find the categories. If there an editor anywhere, where i can edit the poi file. What is the meaning of poi.ini. This file is blank. What can i fill in it?


    Sincerely BonkersDeluxe

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    Yes that would be very nice to know!!!
    I can just add third-party POIs in to Favourites...
    but in Favourites there is no SEARCH Option e.g. -> for the next McDonalds near my current position?

    Is it possible to open the WCE_A.POI file with a special tool!?!?
    Anything in developing!?!?!

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    Any answer to this?
    (destinator console sucks)

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    I'm sorry to tell you that i'm in the same situation myself... and it doesnt seem to be any "decompiler" or editor for the built-in crappy POIs

    Anyone know of ANY solution, PLZ Pm.

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