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Thread: copilot 8? Thinking about buying.

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    copilot 8? Thinking about buying.

    Hey everyone,

    I am new to GPS software,

    how is the copilot 8 software? Pretty good? have not been able to find to many user reviews, is this program very touch screen friendly?

    let me know, thank you


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    from what I've read it has nice PIO, 3d view (bling), good maps and routing.. but has trouble emdeding in any application..

    I would also like to try it out.. but unless the embed issues are taken care of I might stick with routis or iGiudance

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    I use this in my setup.

    neon_eddy is correct, it will not embed in any software due to the way it draws the screen. However, there is a menu setting that allows you to "keep" your windows taskbar available so that you can still switch applications.

    The name-complete isn't as good as others (even with the OSK enabled) since you... type the first few letters of the street you want, click OK, then get a list of matches and select it. Ideally, it would work like Destinator or others where it shows you a list of streets and jumps to the next match as you type in letters. Same for city (although I use Zip codes myself).

    The 3D view is rather useless. I'm not sure why, it may be the angle or something. But I really enjoy the "Next Turn" view... the map zooms in as you get closer to the turn, so if the next turn is 30 miles away I get to see where I am in the entire region, if the next turn is 3 miles away I can see the sidestreets leading up to it. I also appreciate "Driver Safety" view. When driving greater than approx. 10mph, it switches to a screen that has the next turn/distance in big text at the top and some data you control at the side (speed, street name, time, eta, city, long/lat: pick 3 of these) and NO map. As you get closer to your turn, a small map appears on the side showing the exit you have to take.

    The map doesn't update with every GPS update. That is, Destinator and Routis and most others always show your vehicle in a specific spot on the map -- as you move, the map moves underneath your vehicle. This is good. CoPilot, however, moves the car-cursor on a static map, then updates the map picture once every few seconds. This annoyed me when I first tried it, but I grew accustomed to it. Unfortunately, this makes CoPilot particularly poor at just "driving around", although it doesn't prove any problem when following directions.

    In short, I think CoPilot really is a "copilot" whereas others (I use Destinator as an example a lot because I used that prior) are GPS-Mapping softwares. CoPilot says, "Give a destination. I'll give you directions to your destination. The map is optional." whereas Destinator might be described as, "My primary job is to show you a map. If you give me a destination, I'll draw your path on said map."

    Oh. And if you do go with CoPilot, remember to send them some crappy $25-50 GPS software and use their "Trade-up" pricing:


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