I finally have started getting parts for my new computer. Deal is I plan to share the CPU with 2 cars. Both cars will have Xenarc screens in dash (done).

I have a VIA EPIA MII12000 ordered and I know I have an extra wi-fi PCMCIA card in a pile of computer parts here. I was looking at picking up one of these CF cards, but I have a feeling both the CF GPS and the wi-fi will not like each other as I think the slots are real close to each other.

Can anyone confirm if this (wi-fi and gps) will or will not fit on the motherboard together???

I have one Extermal GPS antenna mounted in my truck that I use now, so I was planning to just pick another up for the other car. Cpu may end up low under the seat in one car, inside trunk in the other and I don't know if the CF antenna will work at all.

Maybe I could shop for a CF wi-fi card (can't be that expensive) and use the PCMCIA adaptor for the GPS to get that big bulky antenna on top again.

The plan is to just plug in the VGA, GPS antenna, power, USB, audio... into the computer for the car I am using so I would like to keep as much cost inside the CPU case just so I don't duplicate everything twice. I have spent enough on the touchscreens, audio interfaces, wiring, fabrication...

If this does not work I could always just get 2 GPS USB pucks (one for each car) which might cost less than picking up the new wi-fi card and this GPS, just thought this would be cleaner.