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Thread: Deluo Pro

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    Deluo Pro

    Does anyone else here have the Deluo Pro? I just got it the other day, fabulous shipping.

    I ordered the unit Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon they released it for shipping (free shipping I might add), and I received it Wednesday morning. Now, if only the rest of life was that smooth.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has used them. So far I love it. The directions said it wouldn't work indoors, yet I was able to lock on 4 satellites and get some information (lat/lon/alt/etc) from my room.

    It came with a basic test program, but the free one from Laipac was cooler. Anyone else use any other spiffy GPS programs for doing things? Just curious really. Waiting for my friend to give me Iguidance to try out to see if I like it.

    And,alternative antennas? Was thinking of making a small Helix.

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    does that thing do standalone logging?
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    No, it requires connection to a computer. Of course, I suppose if you built a small ROM unit with a serial interface and made a logger for it ...

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    its ashame deluo doesnt make routis GPS software anymore.

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