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Thread: gps soft for mac (not route)

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    Exclamation gps soft for mac (not route)

    Hi all, I'm searching for a software like route 66 for the macintosh but with spoken instructions, any suggestion? or, sigh, a PC software but also with voice indicattions? thanx

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    LOL do a search pal.

    you are NOT alone. But in this thread, you may find yourself just that.
    (All done)
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    I am searching for the same thing, I have done many google searches and have yet to find one that i like. Route is *ok*, but to me it has very slow navigation (PB 1.5GHz, w/ 1.5 RAM -- so should be no issue) and has some very odd ways of operating, forcing you to zoom in when you open the program, etc....

    if anyone has found another program i would love to hear from you, on the PC side i have used MS Streets and Trips and love the program ... just wish for a Mac version...

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    yes can someone PLEASE port map monkey or iGuidence to Mac PLEASE?

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    once again, it isnt a question of porting map monkey..... iguidance is commercial, so you can try to nag the makers.... map monkey depends on Destinator's SDK, so you can nag them for a mac sdk.... except for that there is no way out I guess

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