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Thread: CoPilot 8 Laptop - guidance screen 800x480

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    CoPilot 8 Laptop - guidance screen 800x480

    Anyone tried to modify the guidance screen so that it shows a bigger map at 800x480? The button bar on the right is huge, and the 3 info lines at the bottom take up too much space. I thought it might be possible by messing around with the .cfg files in the APP directory, or modifying the bitmaps... anyone tried this?

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    There was someone who was hacking copilot 7 who had some success with it.
    I called up alk and told them them about all the problems when displayed on 800x480 and that it would help thier sales if the software was more friendly to the resolution.
    Currently I just use 800x600 because I use Copilot constantly. Call ALK and let them know what you think, the more people the more likely something will change.
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