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Thread: Earthmate LT-20 in-accurate

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    Earthmate LT-20 in-accurate

    I've had my lt-20 for a couple of days now, while driving around, i've noticed that its not accurate. the road is in one place, and the green arrow is not exactly on the road, its to the right or left of it.

    anyone know of a fix? tried their web page, nothing shows up. anyone else experience similar problems with this receiver or another?

    i am using the software that it came with btw.
    is there a 3rd party software i can download for free (trial.)? any help appreciated, thanks!

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    How do you know the Earthmate is inaccurate? It could be the maps.

    It also depends on how many satellites you are receiving.

    If you are zoomed very close in, you will see the location jump around quite a bit. Zooming out a little bit helps.
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    i'm zoomed in all the way, it might be the maps... usually when im receiving 2D its inaccurate, but when im 3d (meaning full satelites) its accurate but not too much.

    i'm in the northern va area.

    anyways, i dont know, i've been driving around all day today, and 90% of the time the arrow is not on the road itself but a bit to the right...

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    Most GPS recievers are only good to 3 meters. Look for GPS software that has a lock to road option, this locks the locator to the closest road on the map. If the GPS doesn't have to lock to road option your location will likely be off a little, left or right of the road.

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    My experience with Street Atlas and the Earthmate's is twofold. One that the maps are not the most accurate in the world. But I think that they're no worse than any of the other programs out there. They're mostly using Navteq maps. The software doesn't have a "lock to road" function like Destinator that will hide the map innaccuracies.

    Secondly the Earthmates in my experience suck. When I was using Street Atlas 2004 with the earthmate it was showing me WAY off where I actually was. Even when I had 6 or 7 sats. I upgraded to a BU-303 and the accuracy was not perfect, but greatly improved.

    Do some searching for Earthmate problems, and you will see thread after thread after thread complaining about them. Some people seem to not have problems with them though. But I wasn't one of them, and it sounds like you're not one either.

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    I think that the width of the road (as in multi lane interstate) might be greater than the scale of the line width on the map may indicate. While on I-5 (in California) I am often indicated as being off to the right, Northbound or Southbound. This highway frequently has a very wide seperation between the NB and SB sides.

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    This is a software issue, not your GPS. Try reinstalling or getting better software

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