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Thread: Sometimes BT-338 takes 2-3 minutes to lock

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    Sometimes BT-338 takes 2-3 minutes to lock

    I got a brand new BT-338, it works great but sometimes it takes two three minutes for sat. lock and other time it locks in less than one minute. All tests were conducted at the same location. On the box it says the firmware is 3.1.1.
    According to manual cold start is 48 sec.

    Anyone else has same problem?

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    GPS receiver location?

    Where is your GPS receiver located? If it's located at the front windshield, move it to the back. That helped me alot, faster lock and more SAT's.

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    Give it as close to an unobstructed view of the sky as possible.
    Don't put it under anything metallic, including some window tints. The ideal location is on the roof of your vehicle.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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