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Thread: problem with gps mouse ad map monkey

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    problem with gps mouse ad map monkey

    I've bought an usb gps mouse but I've some problems.

    First when I've plugged-in and installed the correct driver, it has been viewed like a real mouse, so there was an interference and the sistem has become ungovernable. I've solved this proble diasbling the mouse driver created (but leaving on the port driver.

    After that the sistem is returned stable, but when I've launched the Map Monkey (Destinator) the communication occurs only for few second and then appear the indication "attempting to reconnect gps".

    In gps setting when I star the "Find gps" fuction, the gps will be recognised, but when I try to "Set" it, appear this error "com port busy"

    Could someone give me some tips to solve my problem?

    thank you in advance,
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    I get the same thing, but I just ignored the warning. MAKE SURE that your GPS unit is in a good position to receive signals and you should see your current position on the map, regardless of the warnings MapMonkey is giving.

    If you are experimenting indoors and are not getting a good signal then the error message can make you think that it's a configuration problem.

    Maybe your problem is different, but it worked for me :-)

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    Set your gps on a free com port. then open settings.ini and set manually the number of port. Save the file and start again.

    (Vedo ora che sei Italiano. A me ha dato lo stesso tuo problema perchè l'ho impostato su una porta com gia occupata non so da che cosa, quindi ho cercato la prima libera su impostazioni-pannello di controllo-sistema-hardware-gestione periferiche-porte com. Poi l'ho settato su una libera, ma mapmonkey non la trovava cosi l'ho impostata manualmente dal settings.ini)

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