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Thread: Bluetooth GPS module ,pc/mobile?

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    Bluetooth GPS module ,pc/mobile?

    Hi. i've currently got a laptop with destinator 3 but no gps module. in the future i think i'm going to get a mobile pohone like the 6600 to have gps on that, which will need a bluetooth gps module.

    question is if i buy a bluetooth gps module for the 6600, will it work with the laptop running xp pro?

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    ah no replies. i think i've found a solution but need to verify something. i've been looking at the GPSlim236 by Holux and it says it's Dual function (Bluetooth GPS+ G-mouse). and there's a USB port on it.

    it looks like a great gps device and it's the latest SirfIII chip so it's fast and has 20 channels with more sensitivity.

    anyone know about it?

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