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Thread: mobile GPS on XP

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    mobile GPS on XP

    Ahgggg, it's so frustrating, you guys in the US & UK have some much choice of which GPS Software to use, here in Singapore the choice is 1 on windows, there are about 3 or 4 that run on mobile platforms, but the one an only PC-Based software is unusable in a car, it's completely touch screen unfriendly and has an annoying split screen that cannot be removed to show the 3D map in real time.

    Soooo I am thinking about whether it would be possible to run a windows mobile application under XP RELIABLY using some kind of emulator.

    Anyone have any ideas on if or how this can be done ??

    Thanx so much


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    Short answer no.

    Long answer starts here TOMTOM / Pocket PC Emulator / RR
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    Quote Originally Posted by sim
    Short answer no.
    Thanx, I'll jump across to that post and continue there...



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