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Thread: Google Map Tracking, A New Approach!

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    Google Map Tracking, A New Approach!

    I have finished the backend for everything. I am currently in the process of writing the GPS->Backend. However I have manually entered in some data from a recent drive.

    When it's complete a small app will run on a GPS/Inet enabled laptop/carpc. This will send GPS coordinates to the backend mySQL server that will log the data. You shouldn't need a hefty connection because the GPS communicates to the serial port at 4800 bps. We are only concerned with a small amount of that data.

    I have attached a few screenshots. I also have 2 video's taken from some desktop recorder software I found. It's a little choppy at times but you can see the functionality. If anyone wants to host them I'd be happy to send them. They are 700k for the Map view and 1.5M for Satellite view.

    The screenshots show the last spot a recorded coordinate was. The video's show the preceding 5 minutes of travel (filesize would be lot bigger for anything longer).

    Thanks to Wiredwrx the videos can be seen at:

    These are rendered in 2x and using a crappy "video capture" so it may be jerky at times.

    ** UPDATE 11/04/2005 @ 11:55 PM CST **

    I have setup a "live" demo on our website. I'm currently uploading coordinates from a looping log file. It will appear as live but just cycling through. This is no different than getting coordinates from a GPS. Go to the main website and click on the user "teser" that is the account that is currently moving. I have it set to refresh every 10 seconds.

    As you might see, most of the website isn't complete. However it's getting there.

    We are currently accepting Beta testers. I have created a new post in Software development. Please read Online Tracking for the most up to date information.
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    so your saying we can use the google maps as our map software .. which also gives the added function of uses the skyview shots.. (second pic)..
    wat sort of hardware will be compatible with your software.. can u give abit of a indetail of how it all works.. im really lookin forward to this one Boris

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    I think the videos may explain more. any one wanna host them? or you could upload them to putfile or some other site, or even google videos.
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    JIGGA WUT??!! EXPLAIN!! where can I get this/??
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    I'm interested in hosting your vids and anything else you need at

    Shoot me a PM and I'll set you up with an FTP account or something. Or, if you prefer, you can send me the files direct and I'll put them up for you and provide the links.

    This is looking good, can't wait to see it finished!

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    I've just PM'd SnyperBob about hosting the video's. This will explain a lot. Now to shed a little more light.

    This "software" won't replace your existing in car mapping software. The type of connection needed to download the maps reliably and in real time most people won't want to pay for, allthough I bet some do

    What I'm working on is a program that will upload your Lat/Lon to a website that will display a mark on a map where you are. That part is working beautifully. I upload a coordinate to my server and it updates the blue "you are here" dot (in real time). The backend logging is a mySQL database so all entered coordinates are saved. You could for example, go to a main highway and drive home. If people wanted to watch you in real time they could. The other benefit is you could make a mental note of the start/stop times. When you got online you could do a query against the database for that time frame and save it as a stored route. You could then point friends/whoever to that stored search and voila (you get the idea).
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    When its done will you be making it so we can host it on our own servers?
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    Would it be practical to just run the mysql server on your car and "upload" the coordinates to that, then pull up a google maps interface in your frontend?

    Does it scroll smoothly while the car is driving by any chance?
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    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but if those are your real coord's you're only a couple miles away from my office!!!
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    We're doing the same thing in the Amateur Radio world. Its called APRS Automatic Packet Reporting System. The difference is we use radio and data modems to send the data through an ad-hoc like radio network built 100% by amateur radio ops. There is a main server that collects the packets through internet gateways located at

    Here is a direct link to mine:

    You might want to add custom icons like we use.

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