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Thread: bu-353... no fix on one computer... but ok on another?

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    bu-353... no fix on one computer... but ok on another?

    my bu-353 won't get a fix on my carputer at all. it will pick up a really really really weak signal from 1 or 2 satellites... but that's it. but when i put the bu-353 on any other computer (even in the same place) it will easily pick up 6-10 satellites. what's going on?

    btw... the gps IS installed correctly. it detects, i see the data being sent back and forth. and there is occasionally a very weak signal... but nothing usable.

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    Sounds like not enough power at the USB port on the machine that is not working correctly.
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    yeah what rhubarb said... try to plug the gps receiver into a *powered* usb hub, and plug that hub into the "faulty" computer. That should resolve any power issues. Should. Also try unplugging any power hungry devices that may be running on the computer's usb supply, at least for testing purposes.

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