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Thread: iGuidance 2.1.3 is it seems anyway :-)

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    iGuidance 2.1.3 is it seems anyway :-)

    heres some details
    V2.1.3 supports Windows Mobile 5.

    # Routing New! Enhanced memory management for longer distance routing
    # New! Improved bluetooth connectivity
    # New! 4 pre-defined map color themes
    # New! Single click POI navigation from onscreen icon
    # New! Real time weather report (internet access required)
    # Turn-by-turn visual instructions with voice prompts
    # Search by city or street first, intersection, city center, POI, LAT/LON,
    contacts (PPC only), favorites, and recent
    # Over 21,000 additional POI destinations with subcategories
    # Maneuver guidance screen
    # Route list display
    # Quickest, shortest, local, major, ferry, toll, and carpool route options
    # Automatic day/night map color switching
    # Record and play route/track
    # Detour by "avoid" roads
    # Customizable hot keys for quick command (for PDA)
    # Default (non-customizable) hot keys for quick command (for laptop)
    # Stopover setting
    # Automatic rerouting for wrong turns
    # Special safety features (speed and fog alert)
    # Status box displaying ETA, distance, remaining time, and speed
    # Easy to use keypad for name entry

    # New! New digital map available from Navteq w/ expanded Canadian coverage
    including all provinces w/ most areas down to street level
    # 134,316 additional navigable miles from v1.1
    # Easily select map region by state, region, or by city/radius
    # Detailed map display w/ street names
    # Zoom in and out
    # Trip information

    Visual Display
    # New! Enhanced 3-D display
    # New! VGA & landscape view support
    # New! Full screen mode for laptop
    # Geo-features differentiating lands, body of water, airport, etc
    # Full screen mode for pocket pc only
    # Large finger accessible buttons
    # Intuitive menu options
    # Distance indication bar
    # Automatic color modes for day and night display
    # Bright colors for visual enhancement

    # Turn-by-turn voice prompts
    # Automatic voice alerts before each turn/exit
    # Multiple distance notification for each maneuver

    its no good to me, still looking for a 2.1.2 europe one to try .. O well

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    Yes, it is available

    Received mine last week. Only been playing a little but looks good.

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    Any screenshots?
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    screen shots look the same from every other iguidance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CdRsKuLL
    Large finger accessible buttons
    Really? I need to see this!

    Can someone post screenies please!

    edit: now that i'm thinking about it, they probably mean for the ppc version.. grrrr

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    The above posted features are not new in 2.1.3. This newest version only adds WM5 suport as far as I know.

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    yeah, most if not all of those features (except MW5 support) are in the last version
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    was Boston -> now Canada!
    Have 2.1NA and seen 2.1.3NA. I'm not impressed as there really are not any updates that make the change to the latest worth it.

    I actually think some parts of rural Canada got worse but maybe it's just me. There is a lake up there that does not even show the lake. It shows where the island road is and the road around it but no blue lake is on the map indicating there is a lake there; it was like this on 2.1NA and is still like this.

    I still find iG to be the best overall for Canada coverage but this update is not the worth it really.

    There are a few POI's I know have changed names and they were updated in the latest version (this is good I guess).


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    To the best of my knowledge new Canadian map data was added in 2.1. The subsequent releases were just (minor) application updates (bug fixes).

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    whole new theme.ini file too it seems
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