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Thread: iGuidance 2.1.1 installing without GPS mouse antenna question ?

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    iGuidance 2.1.1 installing without GPS mouse antenna question ?

    Hey I was just wondering if it will mess up your computer for future gps use if you install iGuidance 2.1.1 before you install the drivers for the GPS usb antenna. When I go to install 2.1.1, it warns me to install the usb drivers for the antenna before I continue with the install.. so I cancel out and watch the mail box for the antenna to arrive in the mail, lol..... If I continue to install the software without the antenna, will it allow me to check out the software prior to using the gps function?? I want to familiarize myself with it alittle Also, if I install it and use the software without the usb antenna installed, when I go to plug in the antenna (when I recieve it in the mail), will it have issues because I didn't install it before iGuidance?

    Hope someone has an idea what I'm going through (really it's just a.d.d. waiting for the damn thing to come in the mail!! )

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    You will be OK installing iGuidance without the antenna. Don't worry about it.
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    Doesn't matter.
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    awesome! thanks!!

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    same questions i had, nice
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