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Thread: A Nutty GPS Reciever, thinks im not where i am?

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    A Nutty GPS Reciever, thinks im not where i am?


    i was driving up the M6 last night and all of a sudden the GPS reciever went insane, it started thinking i was in random places, doing random speeds. map monkey kept recconecting to the gps reciever, and it would get the speed right for 2seconds then drop to zero again.

    I tried rebooting pc etc, but it didnt help, eventually it corrected itself (as i reached my destination, typical...) but it would be handy to know if anyones experienced this before, and what causes it, and if ive got a faulty reciever?

    doesnt fill me with confidence if this happens all the time

    its a fortuna usb gps adapter.


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    Same Thing

    Hay I had the same thing for the first time last night to.

    Mine kept saying I was the other side of the river Thames than I actully was.

    Maybe there was something going on with the network.

    Or maybe the Thames is Haunted to!!!!!


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    I think sometimes if only 1 satellite is sending garbage data it will pull your position over to the wrong place, but still close to where you are. I've had this happen a few times. Sometimes the 'track roads' feature in gps programs snap you over to the completely wrong road.

    On the other hand look at the new google earth with gps and it seems to show you your precise position within a foot or so.

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    so its possible it was a satellite and not my equipment?

    i did have lock on around 6-8 satellites...

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    I'm thinking it wasn't the satellites messing up. 6-8 satellites should be more than enough to figure out where you are.. maybe it just had a computer fart? Maybe try a fresh install of the drivers..

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    I'd suspect the receiver, or the software, or the receiver connector not plugged in properly, or some interference, or anything else you can think of, but very unlikely it was due to the actual GPS network.

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