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Thread: VAG OEM Triplex Aerial

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    Lightbulb VAG OEM Triplex Aerial

    What about this? Can we use this in some way for GPS & Radio antenna for Car PC?

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    Yes, it can be used.
    You'd need a GPS unit that has the provision for an external antenna. You can also go with an OEM GPS unit. Search the forums here for OEM GPS and you'll get all the info on that. It's more expensive, but the people that use them are ecstatic with the results.
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    Searched as you suggested. will this work? I have a BU-303 USB GPS.
    And this guy soldered an external antenna wire from the BU-303.
    is the VW OEM Antenna 5v active?
    BU-303 Antenna Modification

    Picture of an opened BU-303 GPS USB unit, with the soldered extenal antenna connector.

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    You could do that, you'll have to find the specs on that antenna somewhere, I would image that it's active though.
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