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Thread: IGuidance Questions (NEWBIE)

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    IGuidance Questions (NEWBIE)

    I have been lurking here for a long time, and got lots of great information regarding Iguidance. But i've got a few unanswered questions regarding the functionality of it.

    I noticed that you can record a track and play it back, but my question is... Can i display the route on the map instead of watching a replay of the track? This is more for offroad adventures and maping trails, than watching myself drive down the street...

    Also can you load Topo maps into IG? I will be installing this into my 4Wheeler, and some of the places i will be going with it, aren't really roads. So i would like some sort of map to display my route on.


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    Hello Steve!! I want to use the iguidance for that same purpose as you!!

    As far as I know the iguidance doesnot accept the topo maps (raster maps)

    Hope somebody could answer our questions... I have the same question regarding the recorded route

    what are you driving for wheeling??

    this is my link:

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    This is what i am driving. It's a hybrid Tacomaish frankenstein of a truck

    And this is what it looks like right now. Actually it's off getting painted, so hopefully i'll get it back in a week or so.

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    98 Tacoma rear diff with the E-locker
    81 Jeep Grand wagoneer Front D44 (soon to have an ox locker)
    44044 wagoneer springs
    04 Tacoma Double Cab cab, and box.
    97 Tacoma front clip
    Marlin Crawler, Supercharger, OBA.....

    Plus lots of other goodies....

    I'd love to find out if someone here has had experience with IG and offroading.

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    I recomend you get iguidance, a port splitter, than a seperate app for the topo maps and use a frontend to switch between the two. iGuidance is only really good for roads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PURDooM
    I recomend you get iguidance, a port splitter, than a seperate app for the topo maps and use a frontend to switch between the two. iGuidance is only really good for roads.

    Can you recommend another software that is easy to use that i could use for my offroad adventures? I'd also want something with a recording feature so i can log the trails.


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    TopoUSA from DeLorme is the only one for pc that I know of. I messed with an older version a couple years ago. The 3d maps look cool, but are not really helpful when you are actually 4wheelin. I just use my eTrex to record tracks and provide basic navigation for previously recorded or downloaded tracks. I think all of the delorme products allow importing tracks from handhelds though.
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    try using google earth...
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