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Thread: Iguidance v2.1.3 w/ BU-353 Receiver Good Combo? Any Suggestion?

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    The BU-353 Is not bluetooth enabled... and it doesn't *support SirfStarIII, It*uses* the SirfStarIII chipset. This allows for 20 satellite tracking vs. the 12 that SirfStarII allows... among other improvements.

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    So basically i would need a dongle? so i can get internet on the computer? do i need some kind of software to set the computer up for internet? how would i go about it?

    I'll also ask this in the wireless communication forum.
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    No, it doesn't. No, it isn't.

    Your phone has nothing to do with the GPS dongle, BT or not. You'd need a BT dongle on your PC to talk to BT devices, including your phone. if you're considering getting a BT GPS puck then I'd be careful because sometimes BT devices will only support one connected device at a time...check that the dongle can (otherwise you wont be able to use your phone and GPS at the same time). Also, BT GPS units are expensive and BT can sometimes be a pain to get set up properly if you're not that confident in what you're doing.

    personally, I'd just use the USB connected BU-353, its te one I'm getting to replace my earthmate.

    EDIT: You shouldn't be double posting. You'll be needing the drivers for your specific phone. Be warned you may be charged an exorbitant fee for this software (motorola?) Then you'll need to set up the phone as a modem. Be warned: this can get very technical. let them know in the W & C forum what phone you have, manufacturer, carrier & country of operation. Someone may be able to help.

    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGT
    One more question....Does the BU-353 support bluetooth? it said it support the sirfstarIII <<<dont know what that is but it something that deals with bluetooth. I have a bluetooth enable phone with internet will that make me able to get internet on my computer by just using the bluetooth on my phone to get it to my computer? [i know if a little off topic but the people in wireless communication fourm are very harsh]

    Edit: when a gps reciever said it supports bluetooth does taht mean its like a bluetooth dongle? which let your computer recieve the bluetooth signal?
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