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Thread: Help with IPAQ H6315 GPS, and other question.

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    Help with IPAQ H6315 GPS, and other question.

    I have been searching and searching for answer to this question. I have the microsoft street for ppc and for this work as a navigation i would need a gps reciever right? I'm just wonder if my ipaq is gps enabled....or do i have to by a gps reciever....and if i were to buy a gps bluetooth reciever can my carputer and my phone used it at once? What is a good bluetooth gps reicever?
    -Thank you in advance
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    Your ipaq is bluetooth enabled, so a bluetooth gps is a good choice. A bt gps can indeed connect to more than one device at the same time. As a gps junky, I own many gps units but I use my GlobalSat BT308 about 99.9% of the time. The only drawback with a BT unit, in my opinion, is the extra step required to make a connection. The ipaq or laptop or whatever must first make a bluetooth device connection, then you can connect to the gps unit. They say "pairing" the device eliminates this extra step, but I've found pairing to be unreliable. A good source for GPS reviews and info is The site is a little slow, but there is some good information in there. Hope this helps.

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