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Thread: usb mouse stopped detecting?? *confused*

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    usb mouse stopped detecting?? *confused*

    Hey Everyone,

    Well I've been using this thing with no troubles in the car, and in the plane a couple times. And just tonight I went to use it with Streets and Trips on my way back from a friends house, and it won't work :'(. I tried plugging it into other usb slots on the side of the laptop and scanning for the gps device under the new ports but NO LUCK . So after about 15 minutes of messing around with it in the car I figured I'd wait until I got home to reinstall the drivers.

    I reinstalled the drivers, and the same thing happened. I deleted all the drivers and anything associated with the gps and did a fresh install of it and still no luck. It seems like no matter what I do, it only searches COM4. When I've used it before it would work under all the usb slots and be anywhere from com5 to com8. How can I get this thing working again?? It has the blinking red light so it must be aquiring satalite signals. But I think my problem is in the software for installing it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to be able to use this to go flying tomorrow, but it seems like really bad luck that it would crap out the night before. I really hope it's not fried. But then again, it's never seen water/weather and it's always been inside :'( Where am I going wrong?

    It's the bu-353 usb, and it won't search any other ports but com4. wtf??

    - JackMan


    when I search for the gps device, it never finds it because it only will look at com4, I don't quite understand what my next steps are.. Any ideas?

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    Alright, I just tried this on my friends pc, and it detected com ports 1 and 4 in GPS Information. But it still doesn't recognize the gps antenna. Is it safe to say that this thing has died?? (anotherone is on order just in case)

    UPDATE as of Dec 29, 2005:
    I got the new gps reciever in the mail today and when I plugged it in, it recognized it right away and works flawlessly. I guess my previus bu-353 was a lemon or something, because I took really good care of it! Now that I have one extra I might take a peek inside and see what the current flow is like.. Maybe something got fried... just an update

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