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Thread: BU-353 extension cable

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    Question BU-353 extension cable

    Hello guys!

    I have the Bu-353 working very well with Iguidance but the cable is to short to mount the GPS outside my GrandCherokee, so I bought an USB extension like 3 feet long and the GPS is not working... when I plug it to the USB port it sounds the windows bell like it was detected, but when using the scan ports utility it is not found...

    I changed the USB extension for another shorter, 1.5 ft and still the same problem.. If I don't use the extension the GPS works fine...

    Any ideas???

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    maybe it doesn't have enough juice to power the receiever? i'm just guessing.

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    i dunno what to tell you. i had a bu303 running about 10 foot extension with no problems!
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    I have the bu353 and will test today with my 10 ext.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skadoo323
    maybe it doesn't have enough juice to power the receiever? i'm just guessing.
    skadoo may be right. What are you plugging it into right now, directly into the mobo's usb port? Try a POWERED hub (not the self-powered junk), and perhaps try in your home computer. Some USB ports are just weak, and don't give many amps to them.

    good luck

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