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Thread: Mounting the BU-353

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    Mounting the BU-353

    Mounting the BU-353

    Not as in trying to ride the thing but as in where to put it!

    As it is magnetic do you need to stick it to sheet metal (like a cb antenna) or not?

    Next, If not, do you need to mount it flat for it to work best?

    The simplest place for me to stick mine is on the back of some gauges that are ontop of the dash.
    So, i would be gluing it to a plastic cover, about 1" behind the windshield, 1" up from the top of the dash and it would be much the same angle as the glass (not sat flat like the top of the dash)

    It would have a 180deg view of the sky.
    Also, to get your direction (n/s/e/w) which part of the unit should point to the front of the car or will it only work out heading once you start moving?

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    I have mine flat on the dashboard:
    You can see a pic of it on this post
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    On the back of those gauges should work fine, only way to know is to try it!
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    I have mine in the back of the car on the inside, under the rear speaker deck cover, somewhere in the middle. No reception problems and you can't see it

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    direction of the reciever doesnt matter, it tells your heading by comparing 2 data points.

    its magnetic so you COULD stick it to sheetmetal, not required tho.

    mine sits directly in the center of my dash, pushed all the way against the windshield
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