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Thread: make a GPS software/map

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    Make a GPS software/map

    I moved to Iran from US/MD/Potomac a couple of months ago and I have been dealing with the streets and getting lost and everything so much, Tehran is a big city. I have been searching for a GPS navigation system here but there is nothing of that sort here and there are only GPS systems that show ur position by showing XYZ coordinates. I already got a digital map of the city and I was woundering if there is a GPS software that I could load the map to and tell it where the streets are and how their order is(one way or not) and then maybe get a navigation system out of it. What i am thinking of is telling it a number of coordinates in the city and then calibrating the map. I read in a few threats that the Microsoft Map point can be used for making customized mapping applications but I didnt understand if it can do the above task. Are there hacked programs or anything that I could use? I am going to be here for a few years and I really want it to work. I am also installing a carputer on my Peugeot 406 and I want a GPS on it. I welcome any coments or questions and thank everyone in advance for their opinions and help.

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    What GPS are you using?
    You can use your existing digital map as raw data to be edited by MapEdit ( and then compiled by cGPSmapper ( Finally you can upload your own map to your gps.

    If your gps is Garmin, you must have MapSource software in the package. So you can use it in your carpc for RTN (real time navigation).

    May it help you...


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    I dont have a GPS receiver yet but I was thinking of getting something that could be a GPS/Cell Phone/Radio/maby TV Tuner antenna like the one on MP3car store that goes for $74 and using that for all my works. Oh, by digital map I meant I have a map of the city on the computer, think of it as JPEG pics, nothing special to it, its just real good quality.
    So with the JPEG pics I can still use MapEdit and then mix it with cGPSmpper and then upload whatever comes out into the software that comes with my GPS receiver? Sorry if the question is too dumb I have never used those two softwares so I wanna make sure I know whats happening before I go out and buy everything. Thanks alot pemula for ur response.

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    1) That antenna is only an antenna. It won't do crap unless you have a receiver. Also, that antenna (Hirschmann GPS2400) doesn't tune radio or TV.
    2) It's not that simple. The maps have street data encoded into them that's used to plot your position. The navigation programs also use the road information to calculate your route.

    This isn't a project I'd undertake unless you're a quality coder. If you're that good a coder, you need to get a job with one of the companies producing navigation software so we can have better products.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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